With the aircraft charter industry booming, the demand for charter is exceeding the availability of aircraft. A savvy aircraft owner could easily offset some or all the costs involved with aircraft ownership by allowing their aircraft to be managed and chartered by Jet Center. Rather than having your aircraft/investment sit in a hangar when it is not being used, it could be out literally paying for itself with charter revenue. We offer the resources and knowledge to comply with regulatory institutions such as the FAA, which can be quite costly outside the affiliation of a charter operator. An aircraft owner would also benefit from:

Added revenue to your idle assets
• Lower fuel prices via fleet purchasing power
• Lower insurance costs, while increasing coverage limits
• Gain fleet maintenance and parts discounts

The management of an asset as costly and complex as a corporate jet requires an attention to detail that exceeds the scope of most companies. At Jet Center, we pride ourselves in the time and effort put forth to provide the most cost effective and timely use of the management client's aviation asset. Our management services are tailored to our clients needs and may include any or all of the following:

• Certification of the aircraft for commercial charter operations
• Flight crews and maintenance personnel
• Scheduling, dispatch, and flight following of all flights of your aircraft
• Preparation of monthly management reports and operational cost analyses for owners

The rates for aircraft management vary with the type of aircraft and level of service provided. For a quote and more information on an aircraft that you currently own or may be considering for purchase contact us by Email.

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